The Road to Hell

The Fallout
Decadre, 4th Void day

Fox and Kamau made a run for the Hive quarter, in search of Vartus Timlin. When they finally found him, they were taken to his safehouse and allowed some rest to recover from the battle with the fiends. Upon waking up, he filled them in on latest developments.

First of all, the fiends slaughtered everyone and then each other. Eventually, even the humongous bull juggernaught was slain by local defenders, after having been severely worn down by the baatezu. While this was happening, a splinter group of Sodkillers managed to take a shortcut and attack the Civic Festhall. A pack of tanar’ri, uncertain if they were allied with them or just tagged along for the destruction, aided them in bringing the building down. What was worse, people started having problems in using portals. Eventually, it was understood that all portals in Sigil had been shut, which meant no travel or commerce. Supplies could last for a little while, but water was in shortage and even the air in town was normally brought in through a portal to the Elemental Plane of Air. The Lady had finally taken action.

The Darkstorm
Decadre, 4th Low day

It was already bright outside, which meant they had spent the night sleeping in captivity. This, however, would turn out to be the least of their problems.

While crossing the Lower Ward, they came upon a T intersection. One way was the direction they were coming from. Straight ahead, members of the Harmonium with the support of Sons of Mercy paladins and some zealous Sensates had set up a roadblock on the main avenue leading towards the Civic Festhall. Word was that vengeful Doomguards and their allies intended to march and tear it down as payback for the destruction of the Armory. There was definately some truth in that rumor, as a ragtag group of those people was coming up from the third direction of that intersection. Fox and Kamau kept their distances. It was not their fight, they and their faction was neutral. Last time they got involved during the Battle of the Armory things didn’t work out for the best. Sure, Ghal was in the crowd and they never liked the hardheads but they didn’t need this. On the other hand, they couldn’t go back. Or reach their target, for that matter, since all nearby roads were cut off by similar roadblocks.

Before the two sides were able to meet each other, the door of a local tannery named Tavrat Chol Moc was blasted out from the inside. Galloping out and right at the center of the intersection were about 30 centaur-like monsters, clad in metallic barding and wielding halberds or military bows. Behind them, a thin figure with oily black skin and a curved, scorpion-like bone on the back of its head stepped out, wielding a greatsword. Last, but not least, a huge behemoth of a creature similar to a fiendish minotaur stepped out and began to randomly tear surrounding buildings apart. The rest of the fiends broke out in two and charged towards the groups, while two of them assaulted Fox and Kamau. Bringing them down was not easy, but at least they suffered a lot less damage than the other two groups. The monsters were strong and extremely resistant to blows, which spoke of their true nature: tanar’ri, demons of destruction and hatred. They had no position or concern in the Faction War, they were just there to kill any mortals.

Just as it seemed that the fiends were about to slaughter everyone, another loud sound drew everyone’s attention. A large baatezu like the one that had welcomed Fox and Kamau when they crossed the portal into Avernus landed on the roof of Tavrat Chol Moc. From the sides of the tannery, two legions of the black, gargoyle-like devils marched. The Blood War had officially spilled into The Cage

Now they definately didn’t want to get involved

The clouds gather
Decadre, 4th Guild day - 4th Hive day

The following day was spent in preparation. Fox studied the wraithform spell from the spellbook he had recovered while in Avernus while Kamau visited the Lower Ward to order an iron mask, feeling it would not only make him more intimidating in battle, but also help in hiding his face now that he was wanted for several crimes, mainly the single-handed murder of Tonat Shar. What they didn’t seem to notice, or at least understand how unusual it was, was the fact that the Signers threw in their lot with the Harmonium

The duo decided to lay low the following day, as it was Taker’s Day. This meant they were under the serious risk of being sought out and found, because a Taker always gets what he wants, especially when it comes to collecting. Besides, being members of the Faction themselves, they expected to be called upon to go and collect. Thankfully, the Fated maintained a neutral position in the conflict, so they had reason neither to turn them over to the Harmonium but nor protect them either.

When Hive day began, the two of them decided to take a walk and pick up the mask that Kamau had ordered. Picking up on local gossip, they learned that the previous day, the Athar had also proclaimed their neutrality, while currently, the Godsmen joined the Forces of Order, led by the hardheads. Out of nowhere, a group of black clad people showed up, holding some kind of crystal or vial each, which they proceeded to crush on the two men’s skin. This unleashed some powerful magic before they could react, which put them to sleep.

They woke up in a low lit room, tied to a chair each. They had thought their attackers were some kind of bounty hunters, so they were surprised that they weren’t in some cell in the Barracks. A woman dressed in simple dark clothes appeared to question them, unusually polite and genuinely willing to let them go once they had answered her questions. Before she could establish enough trust however, a flash of light drew everyone’s attention towards the door. A fire mephit had entered through the keyhole and loudly carried the message it had been given:

“”/characters/shemeska-the-marauder" class=“wiki-content-link”>Shemeska the Wise wishes me to speak these words to Thuemos Diaret; Knowledge of the Sigil spell lies in the place known as Nowhere. Your friend, Alluvius Ruskin now holds the gem but experiences trouble utilizing it. Shemeska demands more information regarding these topics – and soon."

The message led their interrogator, now identified as Thuemos Diaret, out of the room. Not the ones to let such an opportunity slide, Fox and Kamau struggled to free themselves and grab their items that had been tossed at the corner of the room. Exploring the place where they we held, they stumbled upon a few of their attackers, which Kamau proceeded to slay in his fury before Fox was able to hold him back and save somebody to ask questions. Deciding they had more pressing matters to attend than searching the shack of their captor, they exited through the back door and headed to seek Vartus Timlin.

Debts repaid
Decadre, 4th Market day

Someone was trying to wake them up. Their entire body ached. Everything around was made of stone, a small room with just some matresses on the ground. “Can you hear me? Wake up, we gotta get out of here”. They recognized the voice before their eyes saw clear enough to identify the face: Vartus Timlin

They tried to stand up, which wasn’t easy. When they looked at each other, they were dressed in rags while their entire skin was ripped, as if someone had hit them with a barb wire whip. They were in a prison cell. The door was open and outside lay two dead guards, wearing the characteristic armor of the Harmonium. Truly, they had to get out fast before asking questions. Vartus guided them through the corridors and hallways, avoiding any guards or patrols. When they were out, a white-haired human dressed in black was waiting for them, holding a bag with most of their stuff. “Follow me” said Vartus Timlin. “We must get to a safehouse before we can talk”.

The man clad in black led them to a small house in the Gymnasium district. “Consider my debt to you repaid” began Vartus. “There never was any debt, just mutual help. Consider us even now” responded Kamau. “Please, fill us in” asked Fox. “The ”/wikis/harmonium" class=“wiki-page-link”> hardheads filled the city with posters, looking for you dead or alive for a series of things, including murdering their latest leader, Tonat Shar. They made a big deal about having you, seems like someone delivered you to them. Thankfully, they are still bound by the laws of the Guvners and had to get you through trial before execution. I figured you could use the help, plus with everything going on lately, it seemed safe enough for me to come out of hiding. I suggest you lay low for a while. The Harmonium is without a leader and considering the situation, something will probably come up soon to keep them busy and they’ll forget about you."

They had a long discussion, about the Lady’s inaction, The Battle of the Armory and several other topics. Once they were done, they returned to The Bounded Space to take their stuff. The owner was discreet enough to not ask any questions, but kindly asked that they moved somewhere else.Fox inquired whether Alyah had shown up, learning that she did and left in a hurry, never to be seen again. Their room was a mess and several of their things were missing, including the two mimirs and the arrow of direction. Before leaving, they arranged any correspondence issues with the landlord, who remembered to give them a message that had arrived. In it, Unthar asked them to look into the group known as Eschaton, implying that they might be actually taking steps to insure that their prophecies of doom become truth. Deciding that they had too much to deal with already, they put it aside and found an incospicuous place to crash in the crowded neighborhood of the Hive Ward.

Shock and awe
Decadre, 3rd Void day

Still shocked from the Battle of the Armory, Fox and Kamau went with Alyah to the meeting of the Hellgate groups. The shadow of yesterday’s events hung heavy and would definitely affect the meeting. The address led to a small house in the neighborhood. They were greeted by a dark skinned dwarf at the entrance who let them into an area of total blackness, possibly magical because not even Alyah could see through it. When they emerged, they were on one edge of a long corridor. It was lined with columns on each side, all of them made from black and red granite, as was the floor and ceiling. Obviously they had stepped through the portal, as the hallway was much grander than the small house they had entered. They began walking to the other side, were several figures were gathered around a granite table.

Venalin was there, as were some tieflings, a human dressed in black and a small creature that looked like a deformed and bloated Halfling. To their surprise, Zinnia herself stood above those gathered and welcomed the group. The politicians began discussing the candidacy of Kamau for their supreme leader. Some were informed about behaviour they considered too spontaneous and more akin to the tanar’ri than the baatezu . Others knew that he was wanted by the Harmonium for several things, including the murder of their factotum, Tonat Shar . Still, none of them dared defy the will of Dispater , who had chosen Kamau as his future champion. “The votes are split” said Zinnia “and it appears that mine will judge the outcome. Before I speak, I would like to hear what Kamau has to say, as well as whether he knows the ritual for becoming a Disciple of Dispater.”

Kamau spoke in his defense, about the extreme situations he had faced and destroying anyone who had ever opposed him, stressing the result over the means. However, he was unaware of the ritual that Zinnia mentioned. “The Disciple must perform a sacrifice of an intelligent being under the supervision of an Erinyes, who shall then report to Dispater himself” explained Zinnia . “The place is irrelevant, but I happen to be an Erinyes. It is Dispater’s will himself that you sacrifice the spellcaster, Fox , here and now in front of all these witnesses in his name in order to join the ranks of his faithful.”

The words were a shock to both men. This was truly a devil’s bargain and each choice involved serious consequences. After much thought, Kamau spoke up and refused, ready to face whatever was coming to him for his defiance. Much to their
surprise, they felt a stinging pain on their backs that brought them to their knees. Something was affecting them, and although they couldn’t move or speak, they were still aware of their surroundings. Alyah walked between them and towards the table, where she bowed before the council. Zinnia couldn’t hold back an evil smile. “I’m going to enjoy this…”

The Battle of the Armory
Decadre, 3rd Low day

The last few days had been a little strange. Alyah surfaced the day after the Wyrm had been defeated and thanked Kamau with a quick kiss to the cheek for being so discreet. She then explained to him that the Mercykiller Wyrm’s poison was used primarily for interrogation, as it caused those affected to speak nothing but the truth. They went to inspect the Prison but found out that it had not been released, as they thought, but rather escaped due to the faction’s split. The next day, the Sons of Mercy announced their alliance with the Harmonium in order to impose order in the city, which of course pushed the Sodkiller straight into the arms of the Doomguard and their allies.

Speaking of the Sinkers , it was finally time for Kamau to receive his green steel blade, so he and Fox went to the Armory while Alyah would look into the Styx Oarsman case. Moments after it was handed to him, they heard sounds of fighting from outside. A full regiment of hardhead troops, supported by their Sons of Mercy and Sensate allies had marched to the courtyard and fighting broke out, leaving several dead before the Doomguard were able to shut the gates. Tonat Shar who led the siege forces, proclaimed loudly their request: The Doomguard were to deliver all weapons and abandon the Armory, lest the gathered forces would force them to. Upon hearing the ultimatum, Ely Cromlich called for a meeting in the central Forge. Kamau followed, while Fox slipped out on the hallways. He had noticed the glass pyramid ceiling of the building and felt like this was the place he was meant to reach, the place where the orb had directed him towards. He discovered the Non-magical weapons storage, mostly empty as most of the weapons had been delivered to the crowds. He entered a huge room filled with siege engines; ballistae of various sizes, catapults, cauldrons and even a siege tower in the making. A smaller room was sealed, so he used his knock spell to enter and see an empty room, the Magical Weapons Storage. The final door was sealed as well and he had no way to open it, so he joined the rest in the main Forge. Discussions had been raging for a while. Some called for a counter-attack, others believed they should act sneaky and let their enemies in, trapping them in tight spaces where they could annihilate them. Kamau turned to see if Ely Cromlich would comment, which eventually he did. His orders were to move the siege engines in the front rooms and top balconies. Everybody should prepare for a reception.

While still moving the ballistae, the bulk of the besieging forces attacked the front gate, introducing a battering ram to the fray. Bolts and arrows greeted them as they formed into a tortoise formation, taking advantage of their discipline and heavy armor. Kamau was there, but the defenders had a hard time holding the invaders. Meanwhile, Fox was left behind in the Forge and saw about a dozen elite forces flying through magic and crashing through the glass ceiling. Not willing to fight them, he ran towards the Siege Engine room, where a wall literally exploded in his face. The light green glow around the perfectly round hole that now stood in the wall was instantly recognizable: Disintegration. A nearby section of the wall turned into mud and collapsed on the ground. The flanks were attacked and powerful magic was used. He went to get Kamau when he heard a loud explosion from the Forge. The magic cauldron had been destroyed, instantly nullifying the magical enchantments of any weapons forged there. This devastated the morale of the defenders, pushing Kamau to extremes in order to hold the entrance.

With a mighty run down the entry corridor, he stepped on a shield and lept over the front lines of Harmonium troops at Tonat Shar in order to get the one in command. When he landed, his new blade sliced through the Factotum’s armor and left arm like butter. Some warriors tried to attack their bold enemies, some were confused, some hesitated while Shar was still in too much of a shock to even feel pain. Before he could react, Kamau swung the falchion in a wide circle, giving him some space and tearing the commander’s head from his shoulders in the process. Even in his rage, he knew better than to remain there and get slaughtered, so he took advantage of the moment and rolled out of the formation.

Fox pulled him to the Non-magical weapons room to find a way to escape from this death trap. That’s when they saw the spheres in the corridors. They had no idea whether they had been inside the armory or brought by the attackers, but four spheres of annihilation were rolling around uncontrolled and maybe more were around. Trying not to panic, they made it to the room, where more Harmonium forces had used magic to punch holes in the walls and enter through the flanks. Although a fight was taking place, the two tried to dodge their way behind the forces of order and out through the walls, when a web spell struck them. Kamau broke free with ease and helped his spellcasting friend. In the heat of the battle, they made it outside and went for the alleyways just as the huge building of the Armory collapsed.

Things were getting dead serious. The real question was, would these events be the end of it, or just the beginning?

Who let the Wyrms out?
Decadre, 3rd Market day

It was no surprise that Fox decided to stay in again and spend the day studying his new toy, the sphere that Venalin had offered him. While he was meditating on the absolute darkness of the orb, a blackness which seemed to resemble a complete void that sucked his brain in, Kamau and Alyah went for a walk in town. When they approached the Market Ward, they noticed a panic in the Great Bazaar. People fled while corpses and broken tables lined the streets. Walking closer to investigate, they even saw buildings partially destroyed. What could have caused such a mayhem?

Kamau grabbed a passing merchant by the arm and demanded to know what was going on. “The Wyrm!” answered the man in panic. “Blasted ”/wikis/mercykillers" class=“wiki-page-link”> Mercykillers managed to let the damn thing escape and now it’s running wild on the streets!"

Alyah and Kamau looked at each other. They would either run or bring it down. They were no heroes, but they weren’t the ones to back off from a challenge either. After a short discussion, they decided to walk on closer to the Prison and meet their foe.


It found them first, landing behind them, its shadow blotting out the light. However, it was nothing like the dragon Kamau had imagined. It was smaller, maybe about the size of a small house and it stood on its two back feet, while the front were mounted on the tip of its wings. Still ferocious, covered in spikes and an obvious foul mood, it roared out a challenge. Alyah responded by pulling out a dagger, while another spectral copy materialized in her other palm. She dashed towards it, tumbled under its belly and stabbed a soft spot in its read. For her efforts, she was swiped by the beast’s tail, the sting at the end of it biting her skin. This however provided the necessary distraction for Kamau who lept and brought the blade of his scythe down the Wyrm’s chest. Before it could attack the warrior in its fury, the tiefling tried to stab it again. Not sure what to do, the monster thrashed around madly. It went for Kamau with its teeth and wings, while the tail flapped trying to get Alyah away from its back. Realizing that their trick worked, the tout kept harassing the back of the Wyrm, creating the necessary openings for her ally to harm the beast. A few scythe cuts later, it let out a horrible screech and crashed on Kamau before he was able to roll to a safe spot.

Alyah helped him escape from under the weight of the Wyrm and checked if he was alright. He asked her the same, fearing that the sting of the monster probably bore a poison of some kind. “Please” she responded. “I’m fine. I just need you to remain silent for now. Don’t ask why, don’t ask anything, just trust me, please”. Not exactly sure of what was going on, Kamau found himself harboring some respect for the tiefling. She had proven herself a worthy combatant and even if her style was different, it complemented his. They walked back silently to The Bounded Space to rest. Alyah quickly dashed to her room, as if happy to be back to a safehouse, as if something had been chasing her all along. Kamau simply shook his shoulders and went to his room to check on his spellcasting friend and break the news of the Wyrm’s demise at his hands.

An offer you can't refuse
Decadre, 2nd Void day - 3rd Lady day

The following day was rather slow. Fox stayed inside and copied the Darkvision spell to his spellbook, while Alyah joined Kamau who went to finish the tattoo on his back. When they returned to The Bounded Space they were handed a message that had been brought by a courrier. It was a folded piece of paper with a simple calligraphic handwriting that read: “We need to meet tomorrow. Pick a time and place. Give your written response to the messenger so it may reach me.”

The following morning, they went to the Speckled Rat for their meeting. Instead of an old acquaintance though, they met an armored warrior that resembled a cross between a half-fiend and a half-dragon. He introduced himself as an ambassador of Dispater and someone who was unable to meet them in person for now, Zinnia.

“There is much satisfaction to the way you handled the situation in Fortitude. Not only did you manage to stop its transition to Arcadia, but you brought about the shameful death of the paladin ”/characters/daneel-1" class=“wiki-content-link”>Daneel and discreetly let our agents stay there to work undercover. Let me inform you that thanks to all that, we were able to work towards bringing the town closer to our side of the Planes…

That brings us to our current meeting. As you may or may not know, there is a neighbourhood in Sigil called Hellgate. It is located in the Lower Ward and built around three portals that lead to Baator . It’s residents are usually happy to be divided between various political groups plotting amonst them, but in the light of recent events between the city’s factions, they are about to put their differences aside and elect one person to lead them through these hard times. Through various channels, forces loyal to Dispater control the majority and it is the will of himself that you are presented as that leader. Why, you ask? I am not sure whether you stumbled upon a certain room in His tower, where he studies the nature of this town’s… mistress. As you might be aware, the gods are banned from entering Sigil but their proxies are not. I have reason to believe that you are being sent down a path that will lead you to becoming His proxy, as part of his grand scheme to take over this town.

As for you, wizard. I am aware that your kind is always seeking power and knowledge. My sources informed me that you attempted to make contact with a certain cult located in the Astral Plane. What I am offering you is a shortcut to power, this black orb that has everything you seek inside it. Ask me not how it is used, for I am not versed in the ways of magic. I am simply a messenger.

By the way, my name is Venalin "

Questions and surprises
Decadre, 2nd Low day

During their breakfast, Fox told Alyah of his ambition to unify and transcend his divine and arcane spellcasting, following the path of a cabal known as Mystic Theurges and asked her if she had a clue where he could start. Considering the egos and solitude of wizards, this was not an easy request, but the tout had heard of some members of the Athar that had denounced the gods of magic and sought to reach the true source that all magic originated from, so she pointed him to their headquarters at the Shattered Temple. Kamau on the other hand wanted to know about the Oarsman and confided Zegonz Vlaric’s plans to overthrow Rule-of-Three and turn the place into a hangout for both baatezu and tanar’ri. Alyah seemed to be connecting the dots with some of her info and revealed that, according to her sources, Zegonz had been hospitalized for insanity at the Gatehouse. They decided to pay him a visit while Fox would go to the Shattered Temple.

Once they headed back to their rooms, the innkeeper handed them a heavy metallic box that had arrived for them by courrier service. They took it to their room and noticed it was held closed by a mechanical lock. It had three numbered wheels with 30 numbers each, but Fox cut through the riddle by using his knock spell. The sprockets spun to 4-9-19 and the box sprung open, releasing a strong smell of rotting meat. On top was a note that read “Thanks for the co-operation, here’s a little thank you” and signed Z. Underneath lay the severed head of the paladin Daneel still wearing the chainmail coif. For a second they thought he was staring at them with the same burning eyes they had seen him in Fortitude but then they noticed the detail; stuck in the sockets where his eyes should be, were two tiger’s eye gems. They removed the stones and shut the box again, as Alyah was smart enough to understand all this had to do with their business in Baator and wise enough not to ask.

And so, Fox went to the Shattered Temple where he was lucky enough to meet someone that knew one of the cult members personally. According to the man, they had a stronghold in the Astral Plane, on the dead body of a deity. He knew of a portal that led there and it was conveniently situated in the headquarters of the Lost, but the problem was that going through it consumed the portal key. Which was a statue of the dead god of portals, Aoskar. Slain by the Lady herself and his worship banned in Sigil, even his name was spoken in feared whispers. Fox had his work cut out for him.

Meanwhile, Alyah and Kamau visited the headquarters of the Bleak Cabal. As they were waiting on the long line outside, along with those wanting to commit a relative or get a plate from the Cabal’s soup kitchens, they saw a group of people dressed in the colors of the Doomguard leave in obvious frustration. When they managed to get inside, they visited Zegonz Vlaric in the Criminally and Irretrevably Insane wing, but he was in a chemical coma thanks to the Bleakers’ herbal therapies. When they asked the warden what had happened, he told them that he was committed by civilians that had arrested him, as he was running amok in the Lower Ward after setting fire to the Styx Oarsman.

When the three met again, Alyah was troubled, as it all seemed too convenient. Something had happened and the blame was put on someone who could not talk anymore, locked in the madhouse and kept comatose. This was so smooth it reeked of the baatezu. Even though he shared her worries, Fox was more interested as to where he could find a statue of Aoskar. Alyah took them to the only place that would make sense. Fell’s Tattoo Parlor.

Even though they had some trouble communicating with him, they eventually found their way around it. Before they could get into the tricky questions, Kamau decided to expand his new look by getting a tattoo, a large pit fiend across his entire back. Fell seemed interested in learning about his choice, what it meant for him and whether he had met one, so Kamau told him that he had seen a few, fought one even if it had been weakened before and it represented absolute power for him. Even back in his gladiator days, he was known as a bezerker and rumors went around about him being posessed while fighting in the arena. The dabus worked until late in their company, but asked them to visit again the following day to finish.

On their way back to The Bounded Space, they heard the news that had spread like wildfire. The populous and carefree Society of Sensation had been pushed over the edge and allied themselves with their arch-rivals, the Harmonium.

If Sigil was a miniature of the planes, this was like the baatezu had just allied with the tanar’ri to end the Blood War and invade the multiverse.

Death and disorder
Decadre, 2nd Hive day

The following day, Fox and Kamau returned to the house in the Hive Ward and informed Possel Pekich of what had transpired. In his panic, he lost all sense of syntax, sense or connection between his thoughts, so they had to calm him down before he told them of the real problem: the plan’s loophole was that the real Factol Karan was hidden amongst the decoys. In a cruel twist of fate, he happened to be the one they were assigned to guard, now in Harmonium custody.

Pekich went with them to a tavern opposite the Court, where they met the tiefling known as “Sly” Nye, a colourful lawyer and dedicated Xaositect who applied his confusing tactics in court with extreme success. Together, they visited the Barracks but even “Sly” Nye was unable to cut through the red tape and bureaucracy that the hardheads had managed to create around Karan. Never the one to back down, he managed at least to be allowed to visit the prisoner.

Once they were all led to the cell, Karan was not there. His door was still locked tight and the planar mancatcher lay in the floor. Pekich and Nye accused the Harmonium of foul play, while the hardheads blamed the Xaositects and their tricks for somehow resulting in the escape of an arrested felon. Kamau mused with the conflict, while Fox stepped aside to search for the missing Factol using his arrow of direction which didn’t seem to respond. Just before the argument was ready to result in physical violence, a young guard came running, his pale face more reminiscent of a Dustman than a hardhead.

“He’s dead! Shot right through the heart! Some arrow… I was just… he…”

“Factol Sarin is dead”

The news spread like wildfire, sending all hardheads out of the Barracks and into the city streets, baying for blood. In the ruckus, Fox cast a knock spell, releasing a random prisoner from the holding cells for extra disorder. Unhassled by the Harmonium, they left the Barracks and hit the streets of Sigil, where a riot was boiling. Next stop, The Other Place, for a relaxing bath and massage.

Several hours later, since Kamau fell asleep on the table, they made their way back to the Bounded Space. En route they saw a tavern that had been attacked by the Anarchs, resulting in the deaths of several patrons, most of them members of the Society of Sensation. Back at their place, Alyah had left a message, asking them to meet as soon as possible Using the arrow of direction once again, they tracked her to a house in the Hive Ward, where she opened the door with a loaded crossbow. Beckoning them inside, she poured some wine and explained her situation.

Work was extremely low as of late, since no one cared for tours of the city, neither was it exactly safe anymore. What was worse, without income she would be unable to pay those who sponsored her work and guaranteed her security, which meant she was hung out to dry, if not due for a visit from the collectors pretty soon. To make matters worse, as an Indep, she faced the open hostility of the Harmonium. What she needed was backup and a new place to stay, so she asked Fox and Kamau if she could stick with them for a while, since they were the only ones she could trust, not to mention they were some of the few that had managed to visit Baator and return.

They welcomed her to the team and went back to the Bounded Space, where they booked a larger room with an extra bed.


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