The Road to Hell

An offer you can't refuse

Decadre, 2nd Void day - 3rd Lady day

The following day was rather slow. Fox stayed inside and copied the Darkvision spell to his spellbook, while Alyah joined Kamau who went to finish the tattoo on his back. When they returned to The Bounded Space they were handed a message that had been brought by a courrier. It was a folded piece of paper with a simple calligraphic handwriting that read: “We need to meet tomorrow. Pick a time and place. Give your written response to the messenger so it may reach me.”

The following morning, they went to the Speckled Rat for their meeting. Instead of an old acquaintance though, they met an armored warrior that resembled a cross between a half-fiend and a half-dragon. He introduced himself as an ambassador of Dispater and someone who was unable to meet them in person for now, Zinnia.

“There is much satisfaction to the way you handled the situation in Fortitude. Not only did you manage to stop its transition to Arcadia, but you brought about the shameful death of the paladin ”/characters/daneel-1" class=“wiki-content-link”>Daneel and discreetly let our agents stay there to work undercover. Let me inform you that thanks to all that, we were able to work towards bringing the town closer to our side of the Planes…

That brings us to our current meeting. As you may or may not know, there is a neighbourhood in Sigil called Hellgate. It is located in the Lower Ward and built around three portals that lead to Baator . It’s residents are usually happy to be divided between various political groups plotting amonst them, but in the light of recent events between the city’s factions, they are about to put their differences aside and elect one person to lead them through these hard times. Through various channels, forces loyal to Dispater control the majority and it is the will of himself that you are presented as that leader. Why, you ask? I am not sure whether you stumbled upon a certain room in His tower, where he studies the nature of this town’s… mistress. As you might be aware, the gods are banned from entering Sigil but their proxies are not. I have reason to believe that you are being sent down a path that will lead you to becoming His proxy, as part of his grand scheme to take over this town.

As for you, wizard. I am aware that your kind is always seeking power and knowledge. My sources informed me that you attempted to make contact with a certain cult located in the Astral Plane. What I am offering you is a shortcut to power, this black orb that has everything you seek inside it. Ask me not how it is used, for I am not versed in the ways of magic. I am simply a messenger.

By the way, my name is Venalin "



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