The Road to Hell

Death and disorder

Decadre, 2nd Hive day

The following day, Fox and Kamau returned to the house in the Hive Ward and informed Possel Pekich of what had transpired. In his panic, he lost all sense of syntax, sense or connection between his thoughts, so they had to calm him down before he told them of the real problem: the plan’s loophole was that the real Factol Karan was hidden amongst the decoys. In a cruel twist of fate, he happened to be the one they were assigned to guard, now in Harmonium custody.

Pekich went with them to a tavern opposite the Court, where they met the tiefling known as “Sly” Nye, a colourful lawyer and dedicated Xaositect who applied his confusing tactics in court with extreme success. Together, they visited the Barracks but even “Sly” Nye was unable to cut through the red tape and bureaucracy that the hardheads had managed to create around Karan. Never the one to back down, he managed at least to be allowed to visit the prisoner.

Once they were all led to the cell, Karan was not there. His door was still locked tight and the planar mancatcher lay in the floor. Pekich and Nye accused the Harmonium of foul play, while the hardheads blamed the Xaositects and their tricks for somehow resulting in the escape of an arrested felon. Kamau mused with the conflict, while Fox stepped aside to search for the missing Factol using his arrow of direction which didn’t seem to respond. Just before the argument was ready to result in physical violence, a young guard came running, his pale face more reminiscent of a Dustman than a hardhead.

“He’s dead! Shot right through the heart! Some arrow… I was just… he…”

“Factol Sarin is dead”

The news spread like wildfire, sending all hardheads out of the Barracks and into the city streets, baying for blood. In the ruckus, Fox cast a knock spell, releasing a random prisoner from the holding cells for extra disorder. Unhassled by the Harmonium, they left the Barracks and hit the streets of Sigil, where a riot was boiling. Next stop, The Other Place, for a relaxing bath and massage.

Several hours later, since Kamau fell asleep on the table, they made their way back to the Bounded Space. En route they saw a tavern that had been attacked by the Anarchs, resulting in the deaths of several patrons, most of them members of the Society of Sensation. Back at their place, Alyah had left a message, asking them to meet as soon as possible Using the arrow of direction once again, they tracked her to a house in the Hive Ward, where she opened the door with a loaded crossbow. Beckoning them inside, she poured some wine and explained her situation.

Work was extremely low as of late, since no one cared for tours of the city, neither was it exactly safe anymore. What was worse, without income she would be unable to pay those who sponsored her work and guaranteed her security, which meant she was hung out to dry, if not due for a visit from the collectors pretty soon. To make matters worse, as an Indep, she faced the open hostility of the Harmonium. What she needed was backup and a new place to stay, so she asked Fox and Kamau if she could stick with them for a while, since they were the only ones she could trust, not to mention they were some of the few that had managed to visit Baator and return.

They welcomed her to the team and went back to the Bounded Space, where they booked a larger room with an extra bed.



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