The Road to Hell

Questions and surprises

Decadre, 2nd Low day

During their breakfast, Fox told Alyah of his ambition to unify and transcend his divine and arcane spellcasting, following the path of a cabal known as Mystic Theurges and asked her if she had a clue where he could start. Considering the egos and solitude of wizards, this was not an easy request, but the tout had heard of some members of the Athar that had denounced the gods of magic and sought to reach the true source that all magic originated from, so she pointed him to their headquarters at the Shattered Temple. Kamau on the other hand wanted to know about the Oarsman and confided Zegonz Vlaric’s plans to overthrow Rule-of-Three and turn the place into a hangout for both baatezu and tanar’ri. Alyah seemed to be connecting the dots with some of her info and revealed that, according to her sources, Zegonz had been hospitalized for insanity at the Gatehouse. They decided to pay him a visit while Fox would go to the Shattered Temple.

Once they headed back to their rooms, the innkeeper handed them a heavy metallic box that had arrived for them by courrier service. They took it to their room and noticed it was held closed by a mechanical lock. It had three numbered wheels with 30 numbers each, but Fox cut through the riddle by using his knock spell. The sprockets spun to 4-9-19 and the box sprung open, releasing a strong smell of rotting meat. On top was a note that read “Thanks for the co-operation, here’s a little thank you” and signed Z. Underneath lay the severed head of the paladin Daneel still wearing the chainmail coif. For a second they thought he was staring at them with the same burning eyes they had seen him in Fortitude but then they noticed the detail; stuck in the sockets where his eyes should be, were two tiger’s eye gems. They removed the stones and shut the box again, as Alyah was smart enough to understand all this had to do with their business in Baator and wise enough not to ask.

And so, Fox went to the Shattered Temple where he was lucky enough to meet someone that knew one of the cult members personally. According to the man, they had a stronghold in the Astral Plane, on the dead body of a deity. He knew of a portal that led there and it was conveniently situated in the headquarters of the Lost, but the problem was that going through it consumed the portal key. Which was a statue of the dead god of portals, Aoskar. Slain by the Lady herself and his worship banned in Sigil, even his name was spoken in feared whispers. Fox had his work cut out for him.

Meanwhile, Alyah and Kamau visited the headquarters of the Bleak Cabal. As they were waiting on the long line outside, along with those wanting to commit a relative or get a plate from the Cabal’s soup kitchens, they saw a group of people dressed in the colors of the Doomguard leave in obvious frustration. When they managed to get inside, they visited Zegonz Vlaric in the Criminally and Irretrevably Insane wing, but he was in a chemical coma thanks to the Bleakers’ herbal therapies. When they asked the warden what had happened, he told them that he was committed by civilians that had arrested him, as he was running amok in the Lower Ward after setting fire to the Styx Oarsman.

When the three met again, Alyah was troubled, as it all seemed too convenient. Something had happened and the blame was put on someone who could not talk anymore, locked in the madhouse and kept comatose. This was so smooth it reeked of the baatezu. Even though he shared her worries, Fox was more interested as to where he could find a statue of Aoskar. Alyah took them to the only place that would make sense. Fell’s Tattoo Parlor.

Even though they had some trouble communicating with him, they eventually found their way around it. Before they could get into the tricky questions, Kamau decided to expand his new look by getting a tattoo, a large pit fiend across his entire back. Fell seemed interested in learning about his choice, what it meant for him and whether he had met one, so Kamau told him that he had seen a few, fought one even if it had been weakened before and it represented absolute power for him. Even back in his gladiator days, he was known as a bezerker and rumors went around about him being posessed while fighting in the arena. The dabus worked until late in their company, but asked them to visit again the following day to finish.

On their way back to The Bounded Space, they heard the news that had spread like wildfire. The populous and carefree Society of Sensation had been pushed over the edge and allied themselves with their arch-rivals, the Harmonium.

If Sigil was a miniature of the planes, this was like the baatezu had just allied with the tanar’ri to end the Blood War and invade the multiverse.



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