The Road to Hell

Shock and awe

Decadre, 3rd Void day

Still shocked from the Battle of the Armory, Fox and Kamau went with Alyah to the meeting of the Hellgate groups. The shadow of yesterday’s events hung heavy and would definitely affect the meeting. The address led to a small house in the neighborhood. They were greeted by a dark skinned dwarf at the entrance who let them into an area of total blackness, possibly magical because not even Alyah could see through it. When they emerged, they were on one edge of a long corridor. It was lined with columns on each side, all of them made from black and red granite, as was the floor and ceiling. Obviously they had stepped through the portal, as the hallway was much grander than the small house they had entered. They began walking to the other side, were several figures were gathered around a granite table.

Venalin was there, as were some tieflings, a human dressed in black and a small creature that looked like a deformed and bloated Halfling. To their surprise, Zinnia herself stood above those gathered and welcomed the group. The politicians began discussing the candidacy of Kamau for their supreme leader. Some were informed about behaviour they considered too spontaneous and more akin to the tanar’ri than the baatezu . Others knew that he was wanted by the Harmonium for several things, including the murder of their factotum, Tonat Shar . Still, none of them dared defy the will of Dispater , who had chosen Kamau as his future champion. “The votes are split” said Zinnia “and it appears that mine will judge the outcome. Before I speak, I would like to hear what Kamau has to say, as well as whether he knows the ritual for becoming a Disciple of Dispater.”

Kamau spoke in his defense, about the extreme situations he had faced and destroying anyone who had ever opposed him, stressing the result over the means. However, he was unaware of the ritual that Zinnia mentioned. “The Disciple must perform a sacrifice of an intelligent being under the supervision of an Erinyes, who shall then report to Dispater himself” explained Zinnia . “The place is irrelevant, but I happen to be an Erinyes. It is Dispater’s will himself that you sacrifice the spellcaster, Fox , here and now in front of all these witnesses in his name in order to join the ranks of his faithful.”

The words were a shock to both men. This was truly a devil’s bargain and each choice involved serious consequences. After much thought, Kamau spoke up and refused, ready to face whatever was coming to him for his defiance. Much to their
surprise, they felt a stinging pain on their backs that brought them to their knees. Something was affecting them, and although they couldn’t move or speak, they were still aware of their surroundings. Alyah walked between them and towards the table, where she bowed before the council. Zinnia couldn’t hold back an evil smile. “I’m going to enjoy this…”



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