The Road to Hell

The Battle of the Armory

Decadre, 3rd Low day

The last few days had been a little strange. Alyah surfaced the day after the Wyrm had been defeated and thanked Kamau with a quick kiss to the cheek for being so discreet. She then explained to him that the Mercykiller Wyrm’s poison was used primarily for interrogation, as it caused those affected to speak nothing but the truth. They went to inspect the Prison but found out that it had not been released, as they thought, but rather escaped due to the faction’s split. The next day, the Sons of Mercy announced their alliance with the Harmonium in order to impose order in the city, which of course pushed the Sodkiller straight into the arms of the Doomguard and their allies.

Speaking of the Sinkers , it was finally time for Kamau to receive his green steel blade, so he and Fox went to the Armory while Alyah would look into the Styx Oarsman case. Moments after it was handed to him, they heard sounds of fighting from outside. A full regiment of hardhead troops, supported by their Sons of Mercy and Sensate allies had marched to the courtyard and fighting broke out, leaving several dead before the Doomguard were able to shut the gates. Tonat Shar who led the siege forces, proclaimed loudly their request: The Doomguard were to deliver all weapons and abandon the Armory, lest the gathered forces would force them to. Upon hearing the ultimatum, Ely Cromlich called for a meeting in the central Forge. Kamau followed, while Fox slipped out on the hallways. He had noticed the glass pyramid ceiling of the building and felt like this was the place he was meant to reach, the place where the orb had directed him towards. He discovered the Non-magical weapons storage, mostly empty as most of the weapons had been delivered to the crowds. He entered a huge room filled with siege engines; ballistae of various sizes, catapults, cauldrons and even a siege tower in the making. A smaller room was sealed, so he used his knock spell to enter and see an empty room, the Magical Weapons Storage. The final door was sealed as well and he had no way to open it, so he joined the rest in the main Forge. Discussions had been raging for a while. Some called for a counter-attack, others believed they should act sneaky and let their enemies in, trapping them in tight spaces where they could annihilate them. Kamau turned to see if Ely Cromlich would comment, which eventually he did. His orders were to move the siege engines in the front rooms and top balconies. Everybody should prepare for a reception.

While still moving the ballistae, the bulk of the besieging forces attacked the front gate, introducing a battering ram to the fray. Bolts and arrows greeted them as they formed into a tortoise formation, taking advantage of their discipline and heavy armor. Kamau was there, but the defenders had a hard time holding the invaders. Meanwhile, Fox was left behind in the Forge and saw about a dozen elite forces flying through magic and crashing through the glass ceiling. Not willing to fight them, he ran towards the Siege Engine room, where a wall literally exploded in his face. The light green glow around the perfectly round hole that now stood in the wall was instantly recognizable: Disintegration. A nearby section of the wall turned into mud and collapsed on the ground. The flanks were attacked and powerful magic was used. He went to get Kamau when he heard a loud explosion from the Forge. The magic cauldron had been destroyed, instantly nullifying the magical enchantments of any weapons forged there. This devastated the morale of the defenders, pushing Kamau to extremes in order to hold the entrance.

With a mighty run down the entry corridor, he stepped on a shield and lept over the front lines of Harmonium troops at Tonat Shar in order to get the one in command. When he landed, his new blade sliced through the Factotum’s armor and left arm like butter. Some warriors tried to attack their bold enemies, some were confused, some hesitated while Shar was still in too much of a shock to even feel pain. Before he could react, Kamau swung the falchion in a wide circle, giving him some space and tearing the commander’s head from his shoulders in the process. Even in his rage, he knew better than to remain there and get slaughtered, so he took advantage of the moment and rolled out of the formation.

Fox pulled him to the Non-magical weapons room to find a way to escape from this death trap. That’s when they saw the spheres in the corridors. They had no idea whether they had been inside the armory or brought by the attackers, but four spheres of annihilation were rolling around uncontrolled and maybe more were around. Trying not to panic, they made it to the room, where more Harmonium forces had used magic to punch holes in the walls and enter through the flanks. Although a fight was taking place, the two tried to dodge their way behind the forces of order and out through the walls, when a web spell struck them. Kamau broke free with ease and helped his spellcasting friend. In the heat of the battle, they made it outside and went for the alleyways just as the huge building of the Armory collapsed.

Things were getting dead serious. The real question was, would these events be the end of it, or just the beginning?



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