The Road to Hell

Who let the Wyrms out?

Decadre, 3rd Market day

It was no surprise that Fox decided to stay in again and spend the day studying his new toy, the sphere that Venalin had offered him. While he was meditating on the absolute darkness of the orb, a blackness which seemed to resemble a complete void that sucked his brain in, Kamau and Alyah went for a walk in town. When they approached the Market Ward, they noticed a panic in the Great Bazaar. People fled while corpses and broken tables lined the streets. Walking closer to investigate, they even saw buildings partially destroyed. What could have caused such a mayhem?

Kamau grabbed a passing merchant by the arm and demanded to know what was going on. “The Wyrm!” answered the man in panic. “Blasted ”/wikis/mercykillers" class=“wiki-page-link”> Mercykillers managed to let the damn thing escape and now it’s running wild on the streets!"

Alyah and Kamau looked at each other. They would either run or bring it down. They were no heroes, but they weren’t the ones to back off from a challenge either. After a short discussion, they decided to walk on closer to the Prison and meet their foe.


It found them first, landing behind them, its shadow blotting out the light. However, it was nothing like the dragon Kamau had imagined. It was smaller, maybe about the size of a small house and it stood on its two back feet, while the front were mounted on the tip of its wings. Still ferocious, covered in spikes and an obvious foul mood, it roared out a challenge. Alyah responded by pulling out a dagger, while another spectral copy materialized in her other palm. She dashed towards it, tumbled under its belly and stabbed a soft spot in its read. For her efforts, she was swiped by the beast’s tail, the sting at the end of it biting her skin. This however provided the necessary distraction for Kamau who lept and brought the blade of his scythe down the Wyrm’s chest. Before it could attack the warrior in its fury, the tiefling tried to stab it again. Not sure what to do, the monster thrashed around madly. It went for Kamau with its teeth and wings, while the tail flapped trying to get Alyah away from its back. Realizing that their trick worked, the tout kept harassing the back of the Wyrm, creating the necessary openings for her ally to harm the beast. A few scythe cuts later, it let out a horrible screech and crashed on Kamau before he was able to roll to a safe spot.

Alyah helped him escape from under the weight of the Wyrm and checked if he was alright. He asked her the same, fearing that the sting of the monster probably bore a poison of some kind. “Please” she responded. “I’m fine. I just need you to remain silent for now. Don’t ask why, don’t ask anything, just trust me, please”. Not exactly sure of what was going on, Kamau found himself harboring some respect for the tiefling. She had proven herself a worthy combatant and even if her style was different, it complemented his. They walked back silently to The Bounded Space to rest. Alyah quickly dashed to her room, as if happy to be back to a safehouse, as if something had been chasing her all along. Kamau simply shook his shoulders and went to his room to check on his spellcasting friend and break the news of the Wyrm’s demise at his hands.



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