Tiefling tout


A young female tiefling working as a tout in Sigil. She has a slim whip-like tail and dresses in tight, revealing straps and leathers, although her attitude is less than suggestive or inviting.

She is known to be a member of the Free League and often hangs out at the Styx Oarsman.

Her work and lifestyle mean that she has connections and knows the gossip.


“You must be new around here”
Alyah, to a newcomer

Alyah was the first person that Fox and Kamau met in Sigil.

Brought them in touch with Gedramak Ironfist when he was seeking the man named Eliath.

She also introduced Kamau to Mordred and Zinnia

After Fox and Kamau returned to Sigil and met her, she seemed poised on discovering the dark behind the closing of the Styx Oarsman


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