Alluvius "Lu" Ruskin

Owner of Tivvum's Antiquities


Alluvius, or “Lu” for short, is an elderly tiefling with small horns poking up through her thin, silvery hair. Lu’s wispy, grey strands curl up at the ends and hang slightly aloft, as if caught in a light breeze. She’s known to wear eccentric garb for a tiefling of her age – often a long, fitted dark green jacket with tails, and leggings of a gray and green pattern that define her spindly form. She wears thick, oblong spectacles of darkened glass and leather gloves with the fingers cut off.


Kamau visited her shop in search of a portal from Sigil to Dis and she told him of Lissandra the Gate-seeker

Alluvius "Lu" Ruskin

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