Harmonium Paladin, deceased


A well-built human of typical paladin-esque good looks and commonly wearing full chain mail armor.

After being ambushed in Sigil by fiendish agents of Dispater including Mordred and Zinnia his right arm was ripped off along with his holy avenger longsword, which is named Guardian


A paladin and member of the Harmonium. Often called “The Smiter of Fiends” for his exploits against the tanar’ri and baatezu. Weilds a Holy Avenger, named Guardian

Daneel was ambushed and overwhelmed in some alley in the Market Ward of Sigil by a gang of baatezu that included Mordred and Zinnia. He lost Guardian along with his sword-arm in the attack and was brought to the City Barracks by Fox and Kamau. This sparked the events that led to their adventure in Baator to retrieve the blade and return it to Fortitude for the town’s ascension to Arcadia

After the attack, he was said to be recuperating in Arcadia, where his patron deity resides. He returned to Fortitude for the ceremony of the Harmonious Ascension but lost control to something, or someone, that led him to commit evil actions which prevented the town’s shift to Arcadia. Still, he assumed responsibility for his actions and was subsequently executed by the Harmonium


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