Gnome bartender at The Blood Pit


A talkative, dirty gnome who works as the bartender at The Blood Pit. He is willing to talk (non-stop, of course) to anyone who strikes up a conversation with him.


" Bubbers and barmies been dropping dead like flies in the Hive lately, just like that, no blood, no magic, nothing… ‘tis a shadow-dweller, I’m telling you, but not your run-o-the-mill assassin, no, it’s gotta be a fiend of shadow feasting on their souls. Heard it used to be a Guvner that found a way to gain power and immortality by feeding on the life force of others… Aye, he’s hiding in the shadows now, no doubt gathering power until he’s strong enough to challenge the Lady herself… ’t is the only explanation, really…"
Felgar, on the string of murders plagueing the Hive


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