Tattoo artist and priest of Aoskar


Even though it’s hard to tell one dabus from the other, Fell has two characteristics that make him unique. Besides turning stag on the Lady and still being alive, that is.

First, while dabus always seem to float a few inches from the ground, Fell is actually standing on it. He gets around by walking, occasionally stumbling a bit as well. Second, he is quite social for a dabus, waving and greeting people instead of quietly going about his business.


Fell is famous for becoming a follower, then a priest of Aoskar, the god of portals. As commonly known, Aoskar nearly managed to enter Sigil and challenge the Lady of Pain, but was destroyed by her before he could. His worship is forbidden and his followers have been all slain. The only exception is Fell, who just seemed to lose his status. No one knows how or why that is so, but everyone is positively freaked out.

Fell makes a living by drawing tattoos at a shop he owns in the Lower Ward


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