A pit fiend from Dis


Kri’ik met the heroes in Avernus as a “mysterious voice” aware of their true goal and willing to test their toughness.

Their paths met again outside Dis where he appeared as a petitioner slave and offered them help in stealing Guardian from the Iron Tower, as he claimed that this was to his best interest as well, in his quest to replace Dispater.

His last appearance in that time was when he turned sour on the deal, as the agreement was to steal the blade, when technically it was given with the owner’s will. He tried to murder Fox and Kamau but Dispater intervened to express his disappointment at Kri’ik’s betrayal, stripping him of his status as a pit fiend. Without most of his powers, he was struck hard, especially by the holy avenger sword, so he retreated, vowing to exact his revenge.


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