A kyton from Dis


A lean, muscular baatezu wrapped in razor-thin, spiked chains that writhe constantly and seem to move with a mind of their own. He has the ability to control the chains as if they were part of his body. Mordred moves with a cold, calculated grace and talks in a slow, deep voice.

He has a calm demeanor, but there’s a psychopathic edge to it that doesn’t let others around him relax completely. He has displayed a twisted interest in Zinnia, expressed in a quite jealous and posessive manner.


Mordred was with Zinnia and Alyah at the Styx Oarsman when they met Kamau and invited him to visit them in Dis.

He was seen again in an alleway in Sigil commanding the baatezu that blocked the street while Zinnia and an insectoid fiend ripped the paladin Daneel’s sword-arm and holy avenger sword, Guardian for Dispater

Mordred met Fox and Kamau again in the city of Dis where he teleported them inside Dispater’s Iron Tower, in exchange for their promise that they would never seek or in any way contact Zinnia again.


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