Rowan Darkwood

Factol of the Fated


The Duke’s 6-foot-4-inch frame is lean but muscular – he looks as quick as a hellcat and just as tough to hoot. His tanned, craggy face, hands and arms are marked with permanent scars. Fact is, one of the facial scars went a bit too deep, leaving him blind in his right eye.


A human from the Prime Material world of Toril and Factol of the Fated (although he prefers the term “Duke”). Known to have some connection to the plane of Ysgard.

He is said to have maneuvered his way to the top extremely fast, becoming Factol only a week after he joined the Fated. Although he doesn’t seem to be the most popular berk, he is certainly respected and has proven to be a skilled public speaker.

He was the one that changed Taker’s Day from once a month to once every two weeks. Although the sum is halved, the collecting fee is still charged in full every time, resulting in the same total tax but increased revenue for the Heartless.

Rowan Darkwood

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