Vartus Timlin

Former Factol trapped in the Lady's Maze


Timlin is a man somewhere in his 40s, 6’3" tall and weighing about 250lbs. His chestnut hair falls to his shoulders. Above his thick beard and mustache, his bright green eyes twinkle.


Former Factol, mazed after announcing his intention to challenge the Lady of Pain with Sigil as the prize. Famous warrior and wielder of a longsword called Lightbringer.

Led out of his maze in exchange for surrendering Lightbringer. Said his Faction were called the Expressionists and their purpose was to bring out one’s true self. After his escape, he is considered to roam Sigil in search of former Faction members. His return has not yet been made public knowledge.

According to newer information, Vartus Timlin was imprisoned over a thousand years ago, after all other Factols met secretly and pleaded the Lady to put an end to his rise. Also, his Faction was actually called the Expansionists and were intent on self-improvement, growth and amassing power.

Vartus Timlin

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