Zegonz Vlaric

Bartender at the Styx Oarsman


An emaciated and scarred githzerai with his left arm frozen into a claw, which he says is a souvenir from a run-in with some adventurers.


“This might burn a little”
Zegonz Vlaric, offering a cocktail to a pit fiend

After being permanently maimed beyond the means of magical healing, Zegonz became nihilistic. He retired, joined The Bleak Cabal and settled in Sigil and the Styx Oarsman. He works there as the bartender and has developed a skill in mixing drinks that can knock out even the toxin-resistant metabolism of the bar’s fiendish patrons.

He is a rich source of information and his telepathic abilities allow him to exchange it safely, although for a price.

After Fox and Kamau visited the bar several times and got to know him, he told them that his work was in order to pay back an old debt to the actual owner of the place, Rule-Of-Three. He asked them to… dispose of him, cancelling the debt and allowing him to re-open the bar as a tanar’ri spot.

Zegonz Vlaric

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