Tag: Fated


  • Unthar

    [[Lightbringer delivered | Receiver of Lightbringer]] and main contact with the faction of the [[Fated | Fated]]. [[The gathering storm | Informed]] the heroes of the change in the faction's policies and brought them into the fold.

  • Rowan Darkwood

    A human from the Prime Material world of Toril and [[Factol | Factol]] of the [[Fated | Fated]] (although he prefers the term "Duke"). Known to have some connection to the plane of [[Ysgard | Ysgard]]. He is said to have maneuvered his way to the top …

  • Ementh

    A human member of the [[Fated | Fated]]. First seen defending his honour in the [[Enter the arena and hit the lights | Fated Arena]] and losing. Later met in the Red Pony as a member of the Inner Circle. According to his sayings, his involvement in the …