Tag: tiefling


  • Alyah

    _"You must be new around here"_ Alyah, to a newcomer Alyah was the first person that [[:fox-3 | Fox]] and [[:kamau | Kamau]] [[New in town | met]] in Sigil. [[Take a walk on the wild side | Brought]] them in touch with [[:gedramak-ironfist | …

  • Alisohn Nilesia

    Born and raised in Sigil's [[Prison | Prison]], Alisohn Nilesia applied for [[Mercykillers | Mercykiller]] membership at age eight and stubbornly insisted, until she was accepted at age 11. Currently aged 19, she is the new [[Factol | Factol]] of the …

  • Alluvius "Lu" Ruskin

    [[:kamau | Kamau]] [[The gathering storm | visited]] her [[Tivvum's Antiquities | shop]] in search of a portal from Sigil to [[Dis | Dis]] and she told him of [[:lissandra-the-gate-seeker-1 | Lissandra the Gate-seeker]]