A Faction, also known as the Heartless, or the Takers.

Faction philosophy: This faction says the multiverse belongs to those who can hold it. Each sod makes his own fate, and there’s no one else to blame for it. Those who whine about their luck are just weaklings; if they were meant to succeed, they could have. Here’s the way the multiverse works, according to the Takers: Everybody’s got the potential to be great, but that don’t mean it’s going to happen. It takes work and sweat for things to come true, not just a lot of hoping. Those that work hard get what they, deserve. Nothing’s free – not in this life or any other.
Some softhearted folks call this a cruel philosophy, saying that there’s no compassion in it. Well, that’s just, excuse for weakness. Sure there’s compassion, but a body’s still got to earn it. The best way to keep from being hurt is to be strong enough to fight back. Most folks think there’s nothing to the Fated but taking, but the Takers’ll tell a berk it’s more than that. There’s lots of things a being has to earn, and he can’t get all of them by force. A body’s got to have some respect, too, and that’s something that can’t be got with force. There’s happiness, too. A basher’s got to go out and make happiness, and no amount of hitting people is going to get that. It takes kindness without weakness, compassion without cowardice. “The next time somebody snivels about their lot in life,” say the Takers, “just remember the powers gave ‘em the wherewithal to get on with their life. It’s not anybody else’s fault if they ain’t going to use it.”

Primary plane of Influence: The Fated’s philosophy fits well with the rough-and-tumble attitudes of the powers found on Ysgard, so it’s hardly a surprise that the faction is strong there. Their headquarters in Sigil is the Hall of Records, where the ownership of all things important is recorded.

Allies and Enemies: Of all the philosophies, the Fated’s is closest to the “leave-me-alone” attitude of the Free League, and the two often work cooperatively. The Mercykillers share some sentiments with the Fated, too particularly attitudes about compassion and mercy – yet they don’t accept the “might-makes-right” attitude of the Takers, so the two groups are only cool allies. The Harmonium views the Fated as wrong-headed and dangerous, and the two must be considered enemy factions.


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