The Xaositects, or Chaosmen, are a Faction.

Faction philosophy: As these sods see it, the multiverse wasn’t born from Chaos – the multiverse is Chaos. There’s no order, no pattern to anything. That’s the meaning of the multiverse, the great secret everyone else is just too dull-witted and cowardly to admit! Look around. Is there any pattern to this existence? Any order that gives it all meaning? None, not a one. The only order is one that the addle-coved Guvners and Harmonium try to impose on it. Their order isn’t natural to the multiverse. Why, the minute they leave, the multiverse reverts to its natural state of disorganization and chaos. So why fight it, since Chaos is how things are meant to be? It has a beauty and wonder all its own. By gazing upon Chaos, learning to appreciate the randomness of it and understanding its sublime intricacies, the Xaositects (pronounced: kay-Oh-si-tekts) learn the secrets of the multiverse. They want to play within the unshapeable Chaos, and to be a part of its uncontrollable energies.

Primary plane of Influence: Limbo is the heart and soul of the Chaosmen, for here the wild energies of creation rage at their fullest. In Sigil, the Chaosmen make their headquarters at the center of the Hive, a turbulent slum.

Allies and Enemies: The Chaosmen, the Doomguard, and to some extent The Bleak Cabal all get along and work together, as much as those committed to Chaos can work together. Not surprisingly, the Harmonium and the Guvners are stridently opposed to the theories of the Chaosmen.


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