The Road to Hell

Debts repaid

Decadre, 4th Market day

Someone was trying to wake them up. Their entire body ached. Everything around was made of stone, a small room with just some matresses on the ground. “Can you hear me? Wake up, we gotta get out of here”. They recognized the voice before their eyes saw clear enough to identify the face: Vartus Timlin

They tried to stand up, which wasn’t easy. When they looked at each other, they were dressed in rags while their entire skin was ripped, as if someone had hit them with a barb wire whip. They were in a prison cell. The door was open and outside lay two dead guards, wearing the characteristic armor of the Harmonium. Truly, they had to get out fast before asking questions. Vartus guided them through the corridors and hallways, avoiding any guards or patrols. When they were out, a white-haired human dressed in black was waiting for them, holding a bag with most of their stuff. “Follow me” said Vartus Timlin. “We must get to a safehouse before we can talk”.

The man clad in black led them to a small house in the Gymnasium district. “Consider my debt to you repaid” began Vartus. “There never was any debt, just mutual help. Consider us even now” responded Kamau. “Please, fill us in” asked Fox. “The ”/wikis/harmonium" class=“wiki-page-link”> hardheads filled the city with posters, looking for you dead or alive for a series of things, including murdering their latest leader, Tonat Shar. They made a big deal about having you, seems like someone delivered you to them. Thankfully, they are still bound by the laws of the Guvners and had to get you through trial before execution. I figured you could use the help, plus with everything going on lately, it seemed safe enough for me to come out of hiding. I suggest you lay low for a while. The Harmonium is without a leader and considering the situation, something will probably come up soon to keep them busy and they’ll forget about you."

They had a long discussion, about the Lady’s inaction, The Battle of the Armory and several other topics. Once they were done, they returned to The Bounded Space to take their stuff. The owner was discreet enough to not ask any questions, but kindly asked that they moved somewhere else.Fox inquired whether Alyah had shown up, learning that she did and left in a hurry, never to be seen again. Their room was a mess and several of their things were missing, including the two mimirs and the arrow of direction. Before leaving, they arranged any correspondence issues with the landlord, who remembered to give them a message that had arrived. In it, Unthar asked them to look into the group known as Eschaton, implying that they might be actually taking steps to insure that their prophecies of doom become truth. Deciding that they had too much to deal with already, they put it aside and found an incospicuous place to crash in the crowded neighborhood of the Hive Ward.



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