The Road to Hell

The clouds gather

Decadre, 4th Guild day - 4th Hive day

The following day was spent in preparation. Fox studied the wraithform spell from the spellbook he had recovered while in Avernus while Kamau visited the Lower Ward to order an iron mask, feeling it would not only make him more intimidating in battle, but also help in hiding his face now that he was wanted for several crimes, mainly the single-handed murder of Tonat Shar. What they didn’t seem to notice, or at least understand how unusual it was, was the fact that the Signers threw in their lot with the Harmonium

The duo decided to lay low the following day, as it was Taker’s Day. This meant they were under the serious risk of being sought out and found, because a Taker always gets what he wants, especially when it comes to collecting. Besides, being members of the Faction themselves, they expected to be called upon to go and collect. Thankfully, the Fated maintained a neutral position in the conflict, so they had reason neither to turn them over to the Harmonium but nor protect them either.

When Hive day began, the two of them decided to take a walk and pick up the mask that Kamau had ordered. Picking up on local gossip, they learned that the previous day, the Athar had also proclaimed their neutrality, while currently, the Godsmen joined the Forces of Order, led by the hardheads. Out of nowhere, a group of black clad people showed up, holding some kind of crystal or vial each, which they proceeded to crush on the two men’s skin. This unleashed some powerful magic before they could react, which put them to sleep.

They woke up in a low lit room, tied to a chair each. They had thought their attackers were some kind of bounty hunters, so they were surprised that they weren’t in some cell in the Barracks. A woman dressed in simple dark clothes appeared to question them, unusually polite and genuinely willing to let them go once they had answered her questions. Before she could establish enough trust however, a flash of light drew everyone’s attention towards the door. A fire mephit had entered through the keyhole and loudly carried the message it had been given:

“”/characters/shemeska-the-marauder" class=“wiki-content-link”>Shemeska the Wise wishes me to speak these words to Thuemos Diaret; Knowledge of the Sigil spell lies in the place known as Nowhere. Your friend, Alluvius Ruskin now holds the gem but experiences trouble utilizing it. Shemeska demands more information regarding these topics – and soon."

The message led their interrogator, now identified as Thuemos Diaret, out of the room. Not the ones to let such an opportunity slide, Fox and Kamau struggled to free themselves and grab their items that had been tossed at the corner of the room. Exploring the place where they we held, they stumbled upon a few of their attackers, which Kamau proceeded to slay in his fury before Fox was able to hold him back and save somebody to ask questions. Deciding they had more pressing matters to attend than searching the shack of their captor, they exited through the back door and headed to seek Vartus Timlin.



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