The Road to Hell

The Darkstorm

Decadre, 4th Low day

It was already bright outside, which meant they had spent the night sleeping in captivity. This, however, would turn out to be the least of their problems.

While crossing the Lower Ward, they came upon a T intersection. One way was the direction they were coming from. Straight ahead, members of the Harmonium with the support of Sons of Mercy paladins and some zealous Sensates had set up a roadblock on the main avenue leading towards the Civic Festhall. Word was that vengeful Doomguards and their allies intended to march and tear it down as payback for the destruction of the Armory. There was definately some truth in that rumor, as a ragtag group of those people was coming up from the third direction of that intersection. Fox and Kamau kept their distances. It was not their fight, they and their faction was neutral. Last time they got involved during the Battle of the Armory things didn’t work out for the best. Sure, Ghal was in the crowd and they never liked the hardheads but they didn’t need this. On the other hand, they couldn’t go back. Or reach their target, for that matter, since all nearby roads were cut off by similar roadblocks.

Before the two sides were able to meet each other, the door of a local tannery named Tavrat Chol Moc was blasted out from the inside. Galloping out and right at the center of the intersection were about 30 centaur-like monsters, clad in metallic barding and wielding halberds or military bows. Behind them, a thin figure with oily black skin and a curved, scorpion-like bone on the back of its head stepped out, wielding a greatsword. Last, but not least, a huge behemoth of a creature similar to a fiendish minotaur stepped out and began to randomly tear surrounding buildings apart. The rest of the fiends broke out in two and charged towards the groups, while two of them assaulted Fox and Kamau. Bringing them down was not easy, but at least they suffered a lot less damage than the other two groups. The monsters were strong and extremely resistant to blows, which spoke of their true nature: tanar’ri, demons of destruction and hatred. They had no position or concern in the Faction War, they were just there to kill any mortals.

Just as it seemed that the fiends were about to slaughter everyone, another loud sound drew everyone’s attention. A large baatezu like the one that had welcomed Fox and Kamau when they crossed the portal into Avernus landed on the roof of Tavrat Chol Moc. From the sides of the tannery, two legions of the black, gargoyle-like devils marched. The Blood War had officially spilled into The Cage

Now they definately didn’t want to get involved



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