The Road to Hell

The Fallout

Decadre, 4th Void day

Fox and Kamau made a run for the Hive quarter, in search of Vartus Timlin. When they finally found him, they were taken to his safehouse and allowed some rest to recover from the battle with the fiends. Upon waking up, he filled them in on latest developments.

First of all, the fiends slaughtered everyone and then each other. Eventually, even the humongous bull juggernaught was slain by local defenders, after having been severely worn down by the baatezu. While this was happening, a splinter group of Sodkillers managed to take a shortcut and attack the Civic Festhall. A pack of tanar’ri, uncertain if they were allied with them or just tagged along for the destruction, aided them in bringing the building down. What was worse, people started having problems in using portals. Eventually, it was understood that all portals in Sigil had been shut, which meant no travel or commerce. Supplies could last for a little while, but water was in shortage and even the air in town was normally brought in through a portal to the Elemental Plane of Air. The Lady had finally taken action.



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